By our interim managers – working for you within 3 days

Interim managers from the aim expert network

Our aim expert network includes managers and specialists from all sectors, functions and departments in business and administration. We are organised in such a way that we can deploy our aim experts in the shortest possible time if necessary.

Our network of experts consists of an ideal target of around 500 interim managers who we wish to hold faithful to our high-quality expectations and the motto: “Quality before quantity”.

Your added value

When it comes to filling a vacancy as quickly and as efficiently as possible, then an interim manager or, if necessary, a task-force team is a good solution.

You gain time to establish a definitive solution, calmly and without pressure.

We propose aim experts who, with their knowledge, management experience and personality, best suit you, your company and the job description.

The service is tailor-made for you from that date, and for as long as you wish – your requirements determine the workload.

We are completely transparent – the costs are always clearly calculable and comprehensible both for our customers as well as our aim network partners.

We look after both you as a customer, and the employed aim network partner during the entire term of the mandate and thus ensure quality, continuity and success.

We are the first and only certified (ISO 9001/2015) interim management company in Switzerland and guarantee you quality and security through a legally compliant implementation from start to finish.

Who is working for you?

The interim managers in the aim expert network are all personally known to us and carefully checked and selected by us.

Who is working for you?

We require from them specific core competencies, managerial experience, and the willingness and flexibility to constantly face a new challenge. We aim for long-term, ongoing partnership with our aim experts. Interim management is not an occupation between two permanent positions, but a deliberate decision to work on a temporary basis and for a specific assignment for the greatest benefit of the customer.

Which sectors and specialist areas does the aim expert network include?


  • Mechanical and metal-working industry
  • Electrical industry, equipment manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, synthetics
  • Paper, wood, textiles
  • Distribution, trade, construction
  • Logistics, transport, shipping
  • Banks, insurance companies
  • IT, telecom
  • Utilities
  • Administration, healthcare, NPO

Fields of specialization

  • Management of business, departments and divisions
  • Finance, controlling, accounting
  • Production
  • Logistics, procurement
  • IT
  • Marketing, sales
  • Development, engineering
  • Administration, communication
  • Quality and process management
  • Human resources

Something missing? Ask us about your specific needs. We can often find the proverbial needle in the haystack for you as well.

From requirement to application, we proceed as follows

Meeting the requirement
We clarify your needs, requirements and objectives, by telephone or in person.

Candidate search and offer
In our network we find the aim experts who meet the job profile and who are available for the requested time period. We produce an offer with confidential profiles of aim experts.

Briefing and presentation of aim experts
We personally present our aim experts to you. The aim experts are briefed by us, through an in-depth discussion, on your company and your job description.

Candidate search

Issuing the mandate / terms of the contract

Based on your choice you place the order with us and we prepare the contracts approved by AWA and SECO.

Contract context


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ISO 9001

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