Interim management
Interim management
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What is interim management?

Interim (latin: "in between, in the meantime") refers to solutions that are for a limited period of time and are to be understood as a bridging solution. Hence interim management can be viewed as an in-between management solution in the line organization or as a reinforcement for peak workloads, in projects for example.

Why using interim management?

Customer value

Where is interim management used?

Interim management is the ideal solution for changes, bottlenecks in capacity or know-how, and for projects.
Fast availability, management experience, knowledge of the sector, and functional expertise allow a broad range of assignments in line management and in project organization.

Interim management is tied to clearly defined requirements. These are regulated by the Swiss Federal Act on Employment Agencies and Contracting Personnel. A company working in interim management requires the respective permits for this activity.

We also know the legal requirements, also for cross-border mandates and vouch for a compliant settlement.



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