Interim professionals
Interim professionals
A real partnership
Interim professionals
A real partnership

We attach great importance to...

...a professional collaboration with our interim managers.

We place high demands on our aim experts and select them carefully.

As an interim manager you possess a very good education, many years of managerial or project management experience and clearly identifiable core competencies as an essential prerequisite.

We offer you a first-class, attractive and recognised platform, and we check carefully whether we have, or are likely to have, mandate requests for your profile.

We personally supervise and advise our interim managers in every phase of their assignment, and handle all processes – up to the remuneration of the interim manager – in an exemplary fashion and for the best benefit of the interim manager.

You should have the same understanding of interim management as we do:

Interim management is not “a gap to be filled between two permanent positions”. For a long-term, successful cooperation, you want to be actively aware of the interim and project business. For you, just as for us, interim management is a job and a vocation.

You are entirely the service provider of the customer. An interim assignment, therefore, works under the premise: the needs of the customer determine the workload!

Preconditions for becoming an aim expert

  • You have several years' experience as a manager in various enterprises.
  • You are familiar with modern management tools.
  • You have a proven track record of success as project leader.
  • You have experienced, assisted in or supervised processes of change.
  • You are flexible, result-oriented, good at implementation.
  • You master German as a working language.
  • You are not looking for a salaried position.
  • You want your own self-reliant "I company".
  • You are residing in Switzerland.

Becoming an aim expert, step by step

Check preconditions
You have read the « preconditions for becoming an aim expert » and fulfill all mentioned requirements.

Send the documents
If you are an interim manager or consider it to be your new profession, send us your documents in German.

Analysis of your CV
aim ag analyses your CV and examines your market opportunities for having work assigned via our network.

Personal interview
The interview serves to get to know each other, to complete the picture provided by the submitted documents and information, and to determine the procedures such as how to check references.

Network agreement
After the interview, if there is a mutual interest in working together we draw up the network agreement which regulates the future collaboration.

Self-assessment - are you an interim manager?

You are considering to become an interim manager? First, you need to clarify a few points. Download the excel-file and answer the questions of our short self-assessment for yourself and find out if you are suited for an interim manager or not. We wish you much success!

Apply to the network management

Please send your documents to:

Mrs. Birgitt Schneebeli
Network management 



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